New from Tyler Robbins and Evernight Publishing: Broken Neon


Broken Neon

By Tyler Robbins

Country music singer, Zane Alexander has struggled to keep his sexuality a secret, but hiding his attraction to their new guitarist, Finn Presswood, is damn near impossible. On the run from a dangerous ex-lover, Finn has secrets of his own, but his feelings for Zane isn’t one of them. When the new song they co-wrote leads to a recording contract with a major Nashville label, it becomes clear that their lives are about to change. Unfortunately, secrets are harder to hide in the limelight, so Zane fake-dating a famous supermodel whose career is on the line as well, seems like the best solution for everyone. Their dreams are finally within their grasp until Finn’s past catches up, and no matter how much the two men love each other, happiness is never guaranteed. If good intentions pave the road to hell, then broken neon paves the road to Nashville.


As he crossed the threshold, he tossed his hat onto the table and made a beeline to the mini-fridge. The door closed behind them, but Zane paid it little mind as he bent down to retrieve two cold beers. When he turned around, his heart skipped a beat.

Finn stood directly behind him, his shirt already unbuttoned and his jaw flexed taut. The hungry look in Finn’s eyes made Zane’s cock swell.

“Shit.” Zane let the bottles of beer fall to the floor as Finn moved in.

Their teeth clanked together from the voracious kiss, igniting the explosive passion that had been building between them. Tongues tangled, battling for domination, while clothes and boots flew about the room.

“I’ve wanted this…” Finn panted. “So fucking long.”

“Shut the hell up.” Zane shoved Finn back onto the bed and crawled up the length of him.

Zane felt Finn’s hardened cock jam into his side, and he reached down to stroke it without hesitation.

Finn pushed Zane’s hand away and flipped him over, then glared down into his eyes. “You better make this last.” Finn’s gravelly tone only added to the need pulsing through Zane’s cock.

He kissed Finn’s shoulder and chest as he dug his nails into Finn’s back.

Finn winced and kissed Zane even harder, rocking his groin against Zane’s thigh.

Pre-cum seeped from Finn’s thick shaft, dampening Zane’s skin. He swallowed hard, wanting nothing more than to lick the crown clean. He gripped Finn’s cock, and stroked it, causing Finn to bite down on Zane’s bottom lip as they kissed.

Zane reciprocated by sucking Finn’s lip into his mouth, while his mind ventured to thoughts of what he’d rather be sucking. The desire surprised Zane a little. Usually, he was the one being pleasured, but this was different. Zane wanted to get Finn off so badly, he could taste it.

He pushed up on Finn’s shoulders and kissed his way down his chest.

Finn rolled off and lay on his back. He ran his fingers through Zane’s hair and moaned as Zane moved lower. The sound excited Zane even more. His own cock ached. His need for release intensified with each blood-surging pulse.

Zane gripped Finn’s shaft firmly then wrapped his tongue around the crown.

Finn shuddered.

Salty sweetness coated Zane’s taste-buds. He tongue fucked the slit, searching for every drop Finn had to offer.

“Feels so fucking good.” Finn writhed and pulled Zane’s hair.

Zane swallowed Finn’s shaft. His eyes and mouth watered as each bob of his head plunged deeper. He flattened his tongue along Finn’s cock and lapped his satiny flesh like an ice cream cone.

Finn groaned and grabbed Zane’s arm, tugging him upward until they were chest to chest once again. He peered down into Finn’s eyes as they hugged each other close. Zane had missed this feeling. This connection. This sense of giving himself to someone. He hadn’t shared this kind of mutual intimacy since before he started singing professionally, and even that was nothing more than teenage infatuation.

Finn’s eyelids lowered to half-mast. “Don’t stop.”

The urgency in Finn’s tone fueled Zane’s resolve. He’d take his new lover all the way to the other side. Past the point of no return. All of Zane’s previous doubts faded fast. “Once I have you, I might not want to let you go.”

He’d tried so hard to deny himself this pleasure. Kept it hidden, only allowing a few stolen moments with someone he’d paid to deliver, but none of that compared to letting his guard down and really indulging.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

Zane leaned in and kissed him tenderly, savoring the feel of Finn’s lips pressed to his. The taste of his tongue and the warmth of his body fused to his own. This was exactly what Zane had wanted for so long.

If Zane were ever able to offer a man everything, Finn Presswood could damn sure be the man he’d give it to.

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Robin Badillo and her pseudonym, Tyler Robbins, is a down to earth mother of four, born and raised in a small Texas town where she still resides with her nearly grown kids and a pack of spoiled dogs. A fan of paranormal and southern romance novels, Robin does her best to offer up a plethora of tasty morsels to satisfy her reader’s appetite. Whether mainstream and/or paranormal erotic romance or Tyler’s LGBT romance line, Robin strives to create characters who are endearing and relatable. Adversity is Robin’s motivation, which explains why she’s a true believer that grey hair is simply God’s graffiti.


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New From Tyler Robbins: Blue Haven Boys Book 1~ Cash




Blue Haven Boys – Cash

Book #1

Ryan Blake had never been far from his small-town, Texas home. Single, and hating it, Ryan wanted nothing more than to change his relationship status. However, falling for his best friend, Cash, an experienced, pretty boy, hadn’t been part of his summer plans.

Still reeling from an embarrassing heartbreak, Jameson Cash looked forward to another summer working at the Blue Haven Resort. He didn’t need the money, but surrounding himself with great people, a beautiful lake, and countless days of fun in the sun, was just what he needed to move on.

Cash was down for anything, but never dreamed that would include his best friend, Ryan. One amazing night changed both of their lives forever, showing them a life they’d never dreamed possible.

Unfortunately, just when they thought they’d figured it out, an unspeakable act of violence strikes too close to home, and they soon realize, no one’s future is certain.

The only thing better than having a good friend to watch your back, is having a best friend to scratch it in your bed.


Blue Haven, where all-inclusive means everything or nothing at all!


Ryan sucked in a slow, cleansing breath then reached down and untied the string to the basketball shorts Cash had given him to wear.

“No.” Cash pushed his hand away and sat up. “Let me.”

Pinpricks delighted Ryan’s flesh as Cash slipped his fingers inside the waistband. He pushed the shorts down a little on the side closest to him then slid his fingers around and did the same on the other side. By the time he pushed them down over Ryan’s cock, Ryan was as hard as a rock. He lifted his ass and let Cash remove the shorts and his boxers simultaneously. His cock jutted upward, hard and pulsating. Damn.

Cash skimmed his fingers over Ryan’s lower abdomen, and down the inside of his thighs, touching him everywhere except his shaft and balls.

Cash’s gaze followed the movement of his fingers. “Damn, Ryan.” His voice lowered into a sultry baritone Ryan had never imagined he’d hear coming from his best friend. “The things I’m gonna do to you.”

Ryan couldn’t help it, he palmed his cock and started to stroke his shaft.

Cash bent and kissed the inside of Ryan’s thigh. He licked Ryan’s hip bone, leaving a glistening trail of saliva all over his lower extremities. “Taste so fucking good.”

Ryan arched his back as he slowly jacked himself off.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Cash’s whispered encouragement echoed, but Ryan could hardly hear him over the hammering of his own heartbeat in his ears.

“So fucking hot, man.”

Ryan tweaked his left nipple, just as he usually did when he pleasured himself. Gooseflesh beaded across his skin and he shivered from the thrill of Cash’s reaction.

“I wanna taste that cock so fucking bad.”

Ryan moaned as his body stormed toward climax. He thrust his hips upward. “Do it. Please?” The pleading sound of his voice surprised even him. He held his cock by the root, offering himself to Cash.

“Fuck, yeah.”

Cash licked his lips, dipped his head, and flicked the crown with the tip of his tongue.

Ryan immediately shuddered. “Oh, God.”

Cash grinned then dove again, this time sucking in the tip, then he sank lower and swirled his tongue around the shaft.

At first, Ryan gasped, but then he clenched his jaw and concentrated, doing all he could not to come. The more Cash sucked, and the faster his head bobbed up and down, the harder it became for Ryan to remain quiet. He squirmed, twitched and moaned, as sounds he’d never made before came from inside him.

His panting grew louder the closer he charged toward orgasm. “Fuck.” He pumped his hips, fucking Cash’s mouth. Damn, he was beautiful with his lips glistening, and his cheeks hollowed out. Ryan never could have imagined how Cash’s mouth would have felt or looked wrapped around him. Not in his wildest dreams.

“I’m gonna come!” He sucked air through his teeth, struggling to maintain control, but it was no use. “Fuck.” He jammed his head back into the pillow as orgasmic waves wracked his entire body.

Ryan moaned from utter pleasure and trembled while Cash milked him, swallowing every drop Ryan had to offer.


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About the Author:

Robin Badillo / Tyler Robbins

Robin Badillo and her pseudonym, Tyler Robbins, is a down to earth mother of four, born and raised in a small Texas town where she still resides with her nearly grown kids and a pack of spoiled dogs.

After years of being a wife and mom, complete with company picnics and fundraisers for the P.T.A., Robin found herself starting over when her husband of fifteen years suddenly passed away in 2006. With no particular skills to speak of, Robin took the advice of friends and family, and followed her heart and passion for writing into the publishing world.

A fan of paranormal and southern romance novels, Robin does her best to offer up a plethora of tasty morsels to satisfy her reader’s appetite. Whether mainstream and/or paranormal erotic romance or Tyler’s LGBT romance line, Robin strives to create characters who are endearing and relatable.

Adversity is Robin’s motivation, which explains why she’s a true believer that grey hair is simply God’s graffiti.


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The Becoming (book #1 Call of the Wolf Series) is available as a short story as part of Evernight Publishing’s Alpha’s Claim Manlove Edition.

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My Writing Process

This is a stop on a blog hop with several authors discussing their writing processes. I’ve been tagged by the lovely and talented SJ Maylee and I’ve tagged three authors to follow my post in the hop. There are more authors to visit at SJ’s post and you can continue hopping from there or here. What is this hop all about? It’s about authors offering others a glimpse into their work, their work schedules, and perhaps their innermost thoughts. Come take a hop on the wild side!

Before I get to the questions, I have to make sure you know about SJ. She’s funny and so sweet. Her works from Evernight Publishing never fail to give you a dose of heat with your romance. Please to be meeting her.



Check out SJ and her Writing Process post which can be found here.

Question time:

Q. What am I working on?

I’m working on editing the second book in a M/M foodie romance series, co-written with Eileen Griffin called In the Weeds. It and it’s predecessor, In the Raw are forthcoming from Carina Press in Summer and Fall of 2014

Q. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I like humor with my heat and angsty goodness, so I try to inject it into all the stories I work on, both solo and co-written.

Q. Why do I write what I do?

I believe everyone deserves a love story but I choose to focus mainly on M/M romances because I think there’s nothing hotter than two men falling for each other.

Q. How does your writing process work?

Like many writers, I have to fit in writing time any time I can, in between caring for my family and home.

Usually the process starts with me bouncing off ideas with my co -writer who lets me ramble at her endlessly. Then I sit down and write whatever comes to my brain. I’m usually a pantser but after working with In the Weeds with Eileen we finally did a detailed outline and it helped out tremendously! Between different schedules and multiple time zones it made trying to nail down a story so much easier.

After I finish, I usually do a few read throughs then send it off to my beta readers who tell me what needs to change, what doesn’t make sense and what makes them scratch their heads. After I’ve revised and edited, I submit.

I’m notorious for pushing deadlines and making stories WAY more complicated then they usually start though. My poor co-writer. 😦

Q. Who will we meet next?

I’m passing the question baton to three fellow writers.

Robin Badillo is a double threat. She writes M/F under Robin and M/M under her pen name of Tyler Robbins and is the author of The Becoming in Evernight Publishing’s Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition, Killian’s Claim. You can find her post here.

My lovely co-author of Chasing Matt and the forthcoming In the Raw and In the Weeds, Eileen Griffin is also a double threat who has written M/F but prefers to write M/M romance.  You can find her story, Claiming Ayden in Evernight Publishing’s Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition. You can find her post here.

Lea Bronsen, author of My Biggest Fan, Wild Hearted shares her post here.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my writing process and be sure to check out Robin, Eileen, Lea and SJ.