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The Last Good Knight: An Original Sinners novella told in five parts

Part I: Scars and Stripes

It’s lust at first sight when Mistress Nora encounters a sexy newcomer to The 8th Circle. She’s happy for the distraction, since she left her lover, Søren, but her session with Lance is cut short when her boss, Kingsley Edge, reveals they’re all in danger….

Part II: Sore Spots

With a potential stalker on the loose, Kingsley hires Lance as Nora’s bodyguard, but stipulates no sex while he’s on duty. Frustrated by the ex-SEAL’s noble chivalry, Nora is driven to seek release with the one man she’s trying to forget….

Part III: The Games Destiny Plays

Shocked to see Nora’s bruises, Lance is furious that she put herself in danger and demands to know where she got them. As Nora confesses her true nature, she’s equally shocked to learn that Lance has some secrets of his own, drawing them together despite Kingsley’s orders….

Part IV: Fit to Be Tied

With her feelings for Lance warring with her recent encounter with Søren, Nora returns to Lance’s bed and finds herself toying with the idea of…toying with him on a permanent basis. But after she gets a glimpse into his personal angst, Nora realizes she has the power to rescue this white knight….

Part V: The Last Good Night

Now that the perpetrator has been apprehended, Nora sadly acknowledges she doesn’t need a bodyguard anymore. She adores Lance and wants to keep him but is faced with a dilemma—if she uses her connections to help Lance, she’ll have to give him up forever…


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Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV / Part V








My Rec:

I’m a huge fan of the Original Sinners series and the Last Good Knight does not disappoint. Full of humor, snark, dark moments and sexy times it’ll keep you turning the page. Set three years before The Siren, we see a Nora who’s at the top of her game as one of Kingsley Edge’s Dominatrixes who plays hard at The Eighth Circle. When she spots Lance, a former navy seal sitting at the bar it’s like Christmas morning. He’s tall, quiet, sexy and a submissive who’s the perfect distraction from angst over missing Soren. What I love about this serial is watching Nora consider making Lance a permanent addition to her life. Circumstances and danger bring them together but when she sees how his personal life is impacted by the BDSM lifestyle they both practice, she has the choice to help him even if her choice could mean the end of anything between them.

If you haven’t been pulled into the sexy, mysterious sometimes heartbreaking world of the 8th Circle consider this an invitation from Nora to come play in her world.

If you’re looking for a happy ending where the heroine Nora rides off into the sunset with her Knight, Lance this is not a possibility as it’s a prequel to The Siren.  Ms. Reisz excels in realistic stories and even though we all know life isn’t fair Nora is strong and she will survive.  You can really see character development which continues in the rest of the series and I always want to read more, not because I’m left wanting but because I want to immerse myself in their world.




Tiffany Reisz lives with her boyfriend (a reformed book reviewer) and two cats (one good, one evil). She graduated with a B.A. in English from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky and is making both her parents and her professors proud by writing BDSM erotica under her real name. She has five piercings, one tattoo, and has been arrested twice.

When not under arrest, Tiffany enjoys Latin Dance, Latin Men, and Latin Verbs. She dropped out of a conservative southern seminary in order to pursue her dream of becoming a smut peddler. Johnny Depp’s aunt was her fourth grade teacher. Her first full-length novel THE SIREN was inspired by a desire to tie up actor Jason Isaacs (on paper). She hopes someday life will imitate art (in bed).

If she couldn’t write, she would die.



Twitter: @TiffanyReisz




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Today’s Book Rec Rambles

Last week when I was sick I didn’t get much writing done. Instead I tried to cram ALL of the books in my brain at once.

In no particular order of the books I’d totally rec are:

Payoff and If It Drives by Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt from the Market Garden series from Riptide Publishing:

cover40981-medium cover42346-medium

This series isn’t just about rentboys. It’s sexy and funny and heartbreaking at times. Sure, the main characters sometimes involve their professions as an integral part of the story but each story is its own recognizable story.

Payoff is the conclusion to the story arc following the couple, Tristan and Jared two employees of Market Garden and their evolving relationship when Tristan figures out he wants more. Enter Rolex, their sexy john and things are further complicated.

If It Drives is BDSM themed. Cal is wealthy divorcee James’ driver. But Cal isn’t just his driver, he wants to be everything for James. With the help of Nick, one of the former rentboys at Market Garden he tries to be everything James could possibly want. Shoulder to lean on, Dom and driver but the lines blur between the roles leaving Cal reeling.

You can find Payoff at  and If It Drives at


Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz from Harlequin’s Cosmo Red-Hot Reads Line

Misbehaving cover

Good lord I love a witty and fast paced romantic comedy. In erotica where plots tend to only focus on the smut, which don’t get me wrong? I really enjoy a down and dirty smutpiece. But the ability to weave humor and a fast paced story with romance and still keep it sexy without the banter and dialogue weighing it down is an art form.

Sex blogger Bea has every woman’s dream job. Well, at least my dream job. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to blog about sex toys and sexuality? When she gets stuck having to write a book review during her sister’s wedding she needs a willing and ready volunteer. Who better to help her out then her one upon a time love interest that never really panned out, Ben.

If you’re a fan of Tiffany’s Original sinners you’ll love the joke at the end.

Misbehaving releases tomorrow but you can pre-order at Amazon here.


Bonds of Denial by Lydia Aicher from Carina Press


Bonds of Denial is Book 5 in Lydia Aicher’s Wicked Play series. I loved the first four books but audibly squeed when I found book 5, the first M/M title of the series on Netgalley. Rockford and Carter? Ermagod. I loved Carter. He just was all kinds of sexy and self assured. Rock? I wanted to smack upside the head then hug the shit outta him. Together they have to figure out how to make the relationship between rentboy on a contract Carter and Rock’s ingrained closeting work.

You can find Bonds of Denial here:

That’s all for now, folks. Keep on smutting.


Pre-order @tiffanyreisz’s Misbehaving


Pre-order @tiffanyreisz’s Misbehaving

Love Tiffany Reisz? Love Shakespeare? Combine her sexy words and Much Ado About nothing into a story and you get Misbehaving.

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About Tiffany:


Tiffany Reisz is the author of the highly acclaimed series The Original Sinners. Her first novel, THE SIREN, won the RT Editor’s Choice Award for Best Erotic Romance of 2012. Slightly shameless, Tiffany dropped out of a conservative Southern seminary in order to pursue a career as a writer. This move, while possibly putting her eternal salvation in peril, has worked out better than she anticipated. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her boyfriend, author Andrew Shaffer.


Twitter: @TiffanyReisz



About Andrew:


Andrew Shaffer is the author of “Literary Rogues: A Scandalous History of Wayward Authors,” “Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love,” and, under the pen name Fanny Merkin, “Fifty Shames of Earl Grey.”

His writing has appeared in such diverse publications as Mental Floss and Maxim. He has reviewed romance, erotica, and women’s fiction for RT Book Reviews magazine. Shaffer attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop for a summer semester and studied comedy writing at Chicago’s The Second City.

An Iowa native, Shaffer currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky, a magical land of horses, basketball, and bourbon.


Twitter: @andrewtshaffer