New from Ioana Visan: Broken Hearts


Title: Broken Hearts
Author: Ioana Visan
Series: Broken People, Book Two
Genre: Science Fiction, Cyberpunk
Length: Novel


When life breaks you, you pick up the pieces and move on.

As The Nightingale Circus begin a quest to deliver a power source that has the potential to change the outcome of the war in the Far East, their efforts are thwarted when Nicholas is apprehended by French authorities.

Meanwhile, Dale stays in Bratislava to protect Aurore and her power source. When the largest weapons manufacturer in Europe discovers her secret, the chase is on.

With a tracker hot on their heels, Dale and Aurore struggle to stay one step ahead. Their dangerous journey takes them across Europe and leads them to the only ones who can help them – The Nightingale Circus.

Broken Hearts by Ioana Visan

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Prizes: 3 ecopies of Broken People and 2 ecopies of The Nightingale Circus

Start with Book One, Broken People

You don’t always get what you want, but if you’re lucky, you might get what you need.

For one week only, an impenetrable castle is open to the public, and Dale Armstrong has come to Bratislava to rob it. When he finds his partner’s arms mangled, he desperately searches for a way to fix him before time runs out.

Because the war in the Far East is sapping all the allied nation’s resources, only The Nightingale Circus has the spare parts, the power, and the expertise to fix prosthetics and help the injured, but nothing is free.

Broken People

Unfortunately, Dale doesn’t know about The Nightingale Circus’s side job, but a forced encounter with the most dangerous woman in the city, the Golden Lady, sends him their way. On this roller coaster of crazy twists and flips, schemes and deceit, wishes and dreams, no one can foresee how the aerialist will land.

Anything is possible in a world of Broken People.

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About the Author

Award-winning writer Ioana Visan has always dreamed about reaching the stars, but since she can’t, she writes about it.

After fighting the apocalypse aftermath in “Human Instincts”, she played with shapeshifters in “Blue Moon Café Series: Where Shifters Meet for Drinks”, and then she dealt with vampires in “The Impaler Legacy” series, before tackling longer works like a fantasy trilogy and a science fiction series.

Aside from publishing short stories in various Romanian magazines and anthologies, she published a short story collection “Efectul de nautil” and the Romanian edition of “Human Instincts”.

She was awarded the Encouragement Award by The European Science Fiction Society at Eurocon 2013.

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New from Mann Ramblings and Wayward Ink Publishing: The Luxorian Fugitive


Title: The Luxorian Fugitive

Series: Ship Logs of the Santa Claus (Book 1)

Length: Novel

Genre: gay romance, science fiction, M/M romance

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Sergeant Liam Jacks is the security chief of transport vessel, The Santa Claus. He travels the planetary cluster with Marc Danverse, his best friend and captain, seeking to escape his tortured past and find some peace of mind.

Having been through a civil war together, Danverse and Liam are close. Maybe too close….

All that changes when mysterious stranger, Hadrian Jamison, an escaped Adonirati, books passage to Alpha Centauri. Can he be trusted? Can the stories of his past be believed?

The Luxorian Fugitive by Mann Ramblings

As Liam’s fascination with Hadrian grows, jealousy threatens to tear apart his friendship with Danverse.

When Hadrian’s owner shows up, Liam is forced to go against orders in order to launch a rescue mission to save him.

The ensuing conflict may be more than any of them expected.

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Prizes: 1 x $20 WIP Gift Card and 1 x ebook The Luxorian Fugitive

MannRamblingspic-225x300About the Author

Like many gay men, when Mann Ramblings grew up, there weren’t any heroes he could relate to. The world held him back while he tried futilely to hide the real person inside. So much has changed since those hollow days. He finally found his voice, the voice that says it’s all right to revel in the so-called inappropriate joys, laughs, and loves that storm inside a man’s head. It took a long time to find that courage and now that it’s here, he plans to use it well.

While spending years more focused on visual arts, he never let go of his innate passion for storytelling—he wanted to write and draw comic books when he grew up. Once he discovered M/M fiction, a whole new world opened with new possibilities. Why couldn’t you have fantastic and dynamic tales with an M/M cast? He started reading the online tales of authors like, Night Tempest, Rob Colton, and Alicia Nordwell, which only fueled within him the need to create. Eventually he found, and with a little coercive nudge from Night Tempest, started sharing his tales with an unexpected level of positive response. That experience and support gave him the courage to cross his fingers and aim for the world of M/M publishing.

Born and raised in Michigan, Mann Ramblings continues to type away, wishing it was practical to use a noisy, old fashioned keyboard that clacks with each strike, if only to annoy his loving partner and spoiled miniature dachshund.



Twitter: @mannramblings

New from Alina Popescu and Wayward Ink Publishing: Craving Stains

Craving Stains Blog Tour

Title: Craving Stains

Author:  Alina Popescu

Length: novella

Genre: gay, gay fiction, science fiction, paranormal, gay romance

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Wynn Brenwood has been trapped by his mother since birth, shut away in a sterile, hospital-like apartment.

Is it her desire to keep him safe that sees him locked up in his pristine cage? Or are her motives less innocent and well-intentioned?

Craving Stains by Alina Popescu Cover

Wynn longs to break free to experience the world he sees beyond his window.

Desperate to escape, he meets Doyle, a handsome, leather-clad, and enigmatic stranger.

But is Doyle real, or is he just a figment of Wynn’s imagination?

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About the author

Alina PopescuWriter, traveler, and coffee addict, Alina Popescu has been in love with books all her life. She started writing when she was ten and she has always been drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, and the supernatural realm. Born and raised in Romania, she finds her inspiration in books of all genres, in movies, and the occasional manga comic book. She is a proud geek who needs her fast Internet and gadgets more than she needs air.

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What Do the Guys from the Chaos Station Series and the In the Kitchen Series Have in Common?

in the raw 2inthefire     9781426899669_CHAOS_STATION

Find out in an interview with Jamie and Ethan from Eileen Griffin‘s and my In The Kitchen Series and with Felix and Zed from Jenn Burke‘s and Kelly Jensen’Chaos Station Series. Watching these guys meet was hilarious and made me even more excited to read Chaos Station. We hope to get these four together again later.

The interview can be found on Kelly Jensen’s blog HERE.

Where to find out more about Ethan and Jamie from In The Raw/In The Fire and Felix and Zed in Chaos Station:

In the Raw


If you can’t take the heat…

James Lassiter has had a crush on fellow culinary student Ethan Martin for three years, but has never had the guts to make a move. Putting himself out there is hard, especially when under the thumb–and wallet–of his overbearing parents. Now that bad boy chef Ethan–who is always vying with Jamie for best in class–is struggling with the pastry course, Jamie suddenly has a reason to reach out.

Ethan doesn’t mean to be an ass–okay, so mostly he does–but even though he’s secretly hot for Jamie, he sure as hell doesn’t want help with pastry. Ever since his dad walked out, Ethan has been the one to hold things together and he’s done fine on his own. Except that he can’t get his cake to rise.

Jamie could be the answer to what Ethan’s been missing his whole life–someone to depend on. But with the two competing for the same scholarship, things suddenly get too hot to handle. And if Jamie finds the strength to go for what he wants, he isn’t about to settle for what he needs.

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Because the way to a man’s heart…

Eight years ago, the world was their oyster. Until, that is, competing chefs Ethan Martin and James Lassiter’s hot and heavy relationship fizzled after Jamie left for an internship in Paris. Even though Jamie’s career has taken off since his return to the States, with his own television show and a lot of fame, his feelings for Ethan have never quite gone away.

Ethan’s culinary career has developed more slowly, but he’s almost saved enough to buy the restaurant where he works and re-open it as his dream spot, Bistro 30. If only he could get the sexy chef who loved him and left him out of his mind.

But when someone starts sabotaging the restaurant and a fire threatens to take away everything Ethan holds dear, his only option is to rely on Jamie for help. Back in close quarters, the two men will have to find a way to work through their past if they hope to save the restaurant—and their future. 

reviewertoppick2Night Owl Reviews gave it 4 1/2 Stars and said, “The connection between James and Ethan is powerful. This book does a great job of showing how hard relationships are even with the best of intentions and how others can throw monkey wrenches into things. Ethan and James are older in this book and not willing to let a chance at happiness get away from them. The sex scenes were scorching.”

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Book Three of the In the Kitchen Series, In the Distance is coming June 15 from Carina Press.

You can preorder it here:

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Book one of Chaos Station

“You’re not real. Felix Ingesson is dead.”

The war with the alien stin is over, but Felix Ingesson has given up on seeing his lover, Zander Anatolius, ever again. Zander’s military file is sealed tighter than an airlock. A former prisoner of war, Felix is attempting a much quieter life keeping his ship, the Chaos, aloft. He almost succeeds, until Zander walks on board and insists that Felix isn’t real.

A retired, broken super soldier, Zander is reeling from the aftereffects of his experimental training and wants nothing more than to disappear and wait for insanity to claim him. Then he sees footage of a friend and ally—a super soldier like him—murdering an entire security squad with her bare hands and a cold, dead look in her eyes. He never expected to find Felix, the man he’d thought dead for years, on the ship he hired to track her down.

Working with Felix to rescue his teammate is a dream come true…and a nightmare. Zander has no exit strategy that will leave Felix unscathed—or his own heart unbroken.

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Book Rec: Marked By Odin by Coral Moore

Marked By Odin by Coral Moore

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00022]

If you love urban fantasy, paranormal romance and shapeshifters you’ll love Coral Moore’s Broods of Fenrir Series.  Read the first book (Broods of Fenrir) then follow Gunni’s continued story in the second book, Marked By Odin. While the first book was m/f this one was m/m. If you know me, I have a soft spot for m/m romances. Both Gunni and Leo are flailworthy and you won’t want to miss this sequel.



Some scars are more than skin deep.

After killing his sadistic brother, Brand inherits the responsibility for his brother’s brood. Now, he must convince the brood that their barbaric way of life belongs in the past and demand change in order to secure their future.

Crushed by the death of his mate, Gunni believes it’s only a matter of time before he succumbs to the loneliness that plagues his life. He follows Brand out of loyalty, but he secretly craves the peace that death will bring—until he is confronted with the most infuriating human he’s ever met.

Leo is a throwback who has never quite fit in with human society. Drawn into the savage world of the werewolves, not entirely against his will, he discovers that the Broods of Fenrir don’t fear much… except him.

These three conflicting personalities unite in pursuit of an unscrupulous trapper who has taken a member of Brand’s brood captive. They must track him down before he uncovers what they are and their secret is revealed.

Warnings: Violence, Strong Language and Sexual Content


When the moon was twenty-four hours from full, Gunni awoke, right on schedule. Though the wolf was certainly prowling, it seemed more subdued than it had been in weeks. The light leaking under his door and the clock in his head both informed him it was just before midday. He turned as gently as he could to face Leo.

A part of him did wonder if perhaps Leo was influencing him through the link they shared without realizing it. Brand could certainly project emotions through brood bonds, and if Leo had a similar ability, didn’t it stand to reason that he might be able to as well?

Gunni studied the sleeping Leo with a critical eye. In the muted light, the scars seemed unreal, as if his face were merely cast in shadow. Leo’s face was broad, angular, and unmistakably handsome. Gunni followed the rugged jaw and muscular neck down to the almost invisible mark his teeth had left. The memory of the taste of Leo’s skin made his mouth water, and the wolf within clamored for another bite.

Sometime in the night, Leo had taken off his shirt. His lean torso rose and fell with each breath, creating a hypnotic display of musculature that was only marred by the bandage covering the wound on the right side of his chest.

With the tips of his fingers, Gunni traced the curve of one rib to the sternum and then let his hand drift down Leo’s stomach. He imagined following that same trail with his mouth. His heartbeat drummed in his ears and just as strongly between his legs. He flicked his gaze back up to Leo’s face, still relaxed in sleep. The desire was there, and Leo had nothing at all to do with it. The realization that the emotions were his without question eased a knot of doubt.

Leo jolted awake. When he met Gunni’s gaze, he smiled. “I was just having the nicest dream about you.”

“Was I naked?”

Chuckling, Leo shook his head. “No, although I like the way you think. You were in wolf form, running in the woods with another wolf.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Don’t know. I just did.”

“What color was I?”

“Brown with black points.”

“You’ve never seen me in wolf form.” Though the coloration was common enough in wolves, a chill raised goose bumps on his skin. “What color was the other wolf?”

“White. She was about half your size.”

Gunni closed his eyes.

Leo hesitated a few seconds before asking, “It was Alice, wasn’t it?”

“I’m sure you’ve seen white wolves. Maybe I even mentioned what color she was at some point.”

“Maybe. There were two lines on her right side where the fur didn’t grow right.”

“I know I didn’t tell you that.” Suddenly uneasy, Gunni moved to the edge of the bed.

With some effort, Leo sat up. “I shouldn’t have said anything. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“I just don’t understand what’s going on.”

Leo shrugged. “I’m not sure it’s something we’ll ever figure out.”

“How did you know it was her?”

“I couldn’t imagine anyone else would have made you so happy.”

Sitting forward, Gunni leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. “I wondered, before I met you, if I would ever smile again.”

“I’m glad I could bring that bit of light back into the world.” Leo put an arm around him and rested a cheek against Gunni’s shoulder. “We need a way to make Disa smile once we find her.”

“I’ve got an idea on that.”

“Do you?” Leo moved to the edge of the bed and placed one bare foot on the floor so their legs were nearly touching.

Heightened senses tuned by the nearly full moon made Leo’s casual closeness a tempting distraction. Gunni wanted to bask in the warmth of his skin. “She has a son. I met him when we first got here.”

Leo put a hand on the back of Gunni’s neck and stroked gently. “He must be frightened. Can we go see him?”

“Later.” Gunni pulled an unresisting Leo into his lap with a knee on either side of him and buried his face in the hollow of Leo’s throat. Leo started to say something, but the protest transformed into a breathy moan when Gunni’s open mouth touched his skin.

The intoxicating aroma that was uniquely Leo flooded Gunni’s head. “I’ve never in my life tasted anything as good as you.”

With a wordless murmur, Leo arched his neck, offering more.

Gunni growled with approval. He placed a few careful nips, enjoying the way Leo tensed at the touch of his teeth, before forcing himself to back away.

Concern clouded Leo’s face. “What’s wrong?”

Gunni stroked the side of Leo’s neck with his knuckles. “Too big a risk with the moon so close to full.”

Leo’s expressive mouth compressed into a thin line. “I don’t have any say in that?”

The urge to kiss him until he smiled again was nearly irresistible. “No, you’re not the one with impulse control issues.”

“What exactly is it you think you’re going to do?”

Gunni shook his head. “I’d rather not think about it.”

“That’s a copout.”

Gods. For starters, I could rip your throat out.”

“You’ve had your teeth at my throat a couple of times now, Gun, and I’m still here. I refuse to believe you’re going to become a ravening beast just because of the moon.”

“You have no idea what I’m capable of.”

“Bullshit. What’s really worrying you?”

Gunni gritted his teeth. Bringing his fears into the light of day was the right course, but it still stung. “I could overpower you, and you wouldn’t be able to stop me.”

Leo considered, and then bared his teeth in a wicked grin. “That sounds like a good time to me.”

Gunni couldn’t help himself; he laughed.

“I know you’re worried because you care about me, and I’m flattered, but I’m also a little insulted. I’m not a child, and I’m certainly not afraid of you.”

“I can’t imagine there’s anything in the world you are afraid of.”

Leo frowned and after a moment seemed to steel himself. “I’m afraid you’re going to wake up tomorrow and realize being with me is a mistake.”

About Coral:

Coral Moore has always been the kind of girl who makes up stories. Fortunately, she never quite grew out of that. She writes because she loves to invent characters and the desire to find out what happens to her creations drives the tales she tells.

Prompted by a general interest in how life works, her undergraduate schooling was in biology. She follows science news and enjoys conversations about genetics and microbiology as much as those about vampires and werewolves. Coral writes speculative fiction and received a Master of Fine Arts in Writing at Albertus Magnus College.

Currently she lives in Connecticut with the love of her life, who offers both encouragement and kicks in the tail when necessary. Also in residence are two mammals of the families Canidae and Felidae.

She released her first novel, Broods of Fenrir, in November 2011.






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