New from Riverdale Avenue Books: Helena Stone’s story ‘A Virgin Again’ is featured in the First Annual BDSM Writers Conference Anthology



From soft and sweet submission to hard core vampire domination, and just about everything in between, the First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology offers lovers of erotic reading a rich spectrum of stories and flavors showcasing the breath of this genre. 

This anthology brings you the work of established award-wining erotica and erotic romance authors such as Roz Lee, Cris Anson and Debra Hyde to virgin authors Jessica Lust, Mia Koutras and Helena Stone. As an added bonus, there is a story by best-selling author Laura Antoniou from her Marketplace series, as well as a chapter from clinical sexologist and conference founder Dr. Charley Ferrer’s ground-breaking book BDSM The Naked Truth.

A Virgin Again Excerpt:

Please, Sir.” Her juices were slowly coating her thighs and would soon leave a damp patch on the covers. Tension grew steadily in her core. She knew it wouldn’t take more than a few touches to her clit to give her the release she so desperately needed.

“You beg so beautifully.” Satisfaction sounded in his voice. “Touch your cunt. Get your fingers wet but keep away from your clit. Your orgasm is mine.”

Months of training had taught her not to rush things. He wanted her to tease herself and she’d learned to enjoy the slow torture even while it continued to frustrate her. Her skin came alive as she slid a hand down. Her muscles quivered at the light touch flitting across her stomach. For a moment she considered ignoring his order. The memory of what had happened the last time she’d pretended to accidently touch her clit and made herself come, held her back. A week without orgasms was not an experience she wanted to repeat.

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About Helena Stone:

Helena Stone is a Dutch national who, seventeen years ago, followed her husband to Ireland where they now enjoy peace and quiet in the middle of nowhere. She has been reviewing books for years but only recently decided to try her hand at writing romantic fiction. She enjoys walking, wine, a wide variety of music genres and anything book related. Her biggest treasures are her husband, daughter and dog. The short story A Virgin Again is her first published work and hopefully the start of a new and unexpected adventure.

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