Gift Ideas for the Foodies in Your Life

Not surprisingly, our In The Kitchen Series centers around … well, food. Eating, preparing, sharing food. One of the things that we first bonded over was food and great recipes that we’d tried and loved. It’s something our circle of friends knows about us and they foster by sending us homemade goodie packages every now and then.

In our most recent novel, In The Distance, Book Three of the In The Kitchen Series, Tyler shares Christmas with his restaurant family: Ethan, Jamie, and Claire. When we outlined the scene, we had too much fun searching for the perfect gifts for our foodie characters. (Our personal favorite was the cutting/serving board Tyler got for Ethan.) We found ideas from everything to having a personal chef come into your home to both teach some basics and prepare and meal for you, to extravagant cruises and vacations that center around the epicurean world. Since most of us are on a budget, we decided to put together a short list of unique gifts for the foodie in your lives. Happy shopping!

~Eileen Griffin and Nikka Michaels

Camano Coffee Grinder, similar to the one Tyler finds for Claire

Eat Me Cutting/Serving Board, which Tyler buys for Ethan for Christmas

A cookbook that specializes in yummy desserts, Jamie would love this while Ethan would immediately throw it in the trash.

And for those special foodies on your gift list who have really, really good, splurge and buy them a new Shun Kaji 8-Piece Knife Block Set.

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