When Matt Goes Back To Truck Confused #4

Matt POV

Matt slammed his truck door and laid his head back against the headrest. The night had been going so well that for a few minutes, he’d actually forgotten he’d just come off a night from hell at work. Chase had all the qualities he was attracted to in a man. He was funny without being overt about it. He was passionate about what he did for a living without being an egotistical ass. He was genuinely a nice guy who had listened to Matt when he rattled off some stories about the strange things he’d seen in the ER. And to top it all off? He was drop dead sexy without even realizing it.

Matt brought his fist down hard against the truck’s steering wheel in frustration. In spite of all those qualities, he had still stuck to his asinine rules on dating. At this very moment, there was a man upstairs in his apartment who was not only brave enough to put himself on the line and ask Matt out, but Chase was actually everything Matt knew he’d been looking for. In what fucked up universe did that make sense?

And now, even if Matt had the guts to tell Chase he’d been wrong, even if he marched his ass back up to that apartment and asked for another chance, he knew he’d blown it. Why would Chase even consider giving him another chance when he’d pretty much screwed this one up? Matt couldn’t fathom this night getting any worse than it was at this moment. Pulling a double and getting puked on was nothing compared to wanting what he was certain he couldn’t have.

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