When Matt First Meets Chase #3

Matt POV

It had been the longest day Matt had experienced in a long time. A double shift during flu season should have had him running to his truck as quickly as his feet would carry him. Instead he found himself walking away from the staff parking lot and toward the ER main lobby. He’d glanced into the waiting room before he turned down the hallway toward the parking lot and had stopped dead in his tracks. The too familiar profile of Bed 4 was hunched over in one of the chairs, cradling the guest services phone with his good hand and a less than pleasant expression on his face.

Matt wasn’t entirely aware that he was walking toward Bed 4, Chase he mentally corrected himself, until he was halfway across the lobby. All he knew was that the man had looked so alone and forlorn that Matt felt a sudden urge to make sure everything was okay. He knew Chase had to be in pain from the injury to his wrist, but this looked like more than the physical damage that had sent him to the ER in the first place. Chase looked like he needed help, and hadn’t Matt told him that they were here to help him?

Before he took the last few steps that would close the distance between them, Matt drew in a deep breath and considered what he was about to do. He knew that crossing those last few feet could throw a serious monkey wrench into his embargo on not dating anyone connected with the hospital. But there was no way he could back away now. As he walked up to Chase and cleared his throat, he wondered why this one why this patient, this incredibly gorgeous patient, got him to give more of himself then he usually did.

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