When Matt First Meets Chase #2

Matt POV

“Good evening, Mr. Williams. I’m Matt. What brings you into our beautiful ER this evening?” He found sometimes humor could often calm down already stressed out patients and diffuse tension by just making them smile. It didn’t always work, but he usually gave it a shot knowing a more relaxed patient at ease with him as a caregiver would be more likely to make his job go smooth. “Our sludge like coffee? Horrible fluorescent lighting? Our extremely attractive scrubs…”

He looked up from the chart, his voice trailing off and for a second his professional mask faltered seeing two things: One, the dark scowl firmly set on the patient’s face and two, holy hell Bed 4 was handsome, his sexy geek glasses and messy dark hair so Matt’s type it would take an extra effort for him to concentrate if he wasn’t careful. Caro even with all her rambling had been right this time with assigning him extra hotness points, the informal scale nurses rated their patients.

The scowling face didn’t bode well though.Matt sighed. A lot of male patients he saw liked to act tough and not admit to being in pain.  Especially to another man such as himself. From the thin-set of the patient’s lips and the scrunched up eyebrows he figured Mr. Williams was suffering from a fair amount of discomfort.

He pushed the stool in front of the computer terminal, sat down and got down to business.

“Mr. Williams on a scale of one to ten, one being ‘nothing at all’ to ten being ‘please kill me now’ how would you describe your pain level?”

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