Jamie and Ethan’s Breakfast

Ethan’s POV

When Jamie’s stomach growled I looked down and sighed, resting my forehead against his shoulder. “Breakfast. Then you. However I can get you.”

“I second this plan. Have you ever had a Nutella and banana sandwich for breakfast?” He pulled away, tugging me into the kitchen after him.

“For breakfast?”

He nodded solemnly. “It’s seriously the best thing you’ll ever put in your mouth.”

I snorted, “Yeah, I beg to differ. The best thing I’ll ever put in my mouth—”

He cut me off with a laugh. “Okay, the second best thing you’ll ever put in your mouth.”

I leered at him as he bent down to grab a frying pan from a cabinet below the counter. “I’m sorry, what am I putting in my mouth again?”

“Yeah, you’re a lousy, pervy sous chef. Hand me a spatula please and make yourself useful.”

I rolled my eyes at his bossy tone and handed him the spatula. “Yes, Chef. What do you want me to do?”

“Well, if you’re going to assist, you can slice some bananas for me.”

I smirked and slowly peeled the banana he handed me, watching how his gaze followed my movement. He watched me out of the corner of his eye as he smeared the chocolaty looking spread on a piece of bread, laid some of the bananas on top and added another piece of bread.

“So, this is a healthy breakfast?” I watched as he carefully laid it down in the buttered frying pan.

“Yeah, not so much but it’s good every once in a while. I learned it from a friend when I was in Paris.”

“It looks all melty. Is the banana supposed to dissolve like that?” I wondered as I peered over his shoulder.

“That’s the best part.”

I brushed my lips over his shoulder as I watched him prepare another sandwich, loving the shiver that moved through his body as he closed his eyes.

“You’re very distracting. No one likes a burnt sandwich.”

“Just observing the greatness.” I hid a smile at the almost reverent way he removed the sandwiches from the frying pan and gently laid each one on a plate. He cut each of them in half and slid a plate across the counter to me.

“The trick is to eat them when they’re still warm but not burn your tongue off with the molten chocolate goodness.”

I held his gaze as I took a large bite, eyes closing in pleasure as the chocolate melted on my tongue.

I moaned as I licked my lips and opened my eyes again as Jamie stared at my mouth. “Oh my God, that’s so fucking good. It’s like the chocolate and banana are having sex in my mouth.”

I reached down and closed my fingers around his wrist, raising the sandwich back to my mouth, loving how his pulse sped up under my thumb.

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