Chasing Matt Alternative Elevator Scene #5

Alternate Elevator Scene #5

Chase POV

After Chase punched in the number four for his apartment’s floor, he turned around to express his gratitude, “Matt, thanks again for helping me get my things up to -” but cut off his sentence when he found himself face to face with the man who had his thoughts and tongue completely tied up in knots.  Chase sucked in a breath as a slow smile spread across Matt’s face. Matt’s hands found Chase’s hips, pulling him closer and murmured, “The pleasure is all mine,” then he slanted his mouth over Chase’s.

Matt turned their bodies and pushed Chase up against the wall of the elevator car, carefully avoiding Chase’s injured wrist as he slid his hand up to the back of Chase’s neck to pull him closer. Chase moaned against Matt’s lips and all thoughts of nerves and being tongue-tied flew out the window. All he needed right now was to get as close to Matt as possible. He braced his shoulders against the wall to arch his hips out towards Matt.

Chase was rewarded with a groan that escaped from Matt’s lips as he tightened his hand on the back of Chase’s neck, kissing him harder and pressing his back against the wall. Chase breathed out raggedly when Matt broke the kiss to trail his lips down over Chase’s jaw, nipping it hard as he ground his hips more insistently. Matt growled, “I’ve been wanting to do that all night.”

All Chase could do was nod and moan as he arched his hips up against Matt’s, the scrubs they wore leaving nothing to the imagination and making Chase’s hunger for the man grinding against skyrocket. Matt seemed to take Chase’s nod as an affirmation of his assent and pinned him harder against the elevator wall, kissing down to his pulsepoint,  grazing it with his teeth before sucking it back into his mouth.  Chase thought he heard a pinging sound, but the roaring of the blood in his ears and the groans coming from both of their mouths quickly erased any thoughts of anything besides the man’s body pressed up against his.

He shifted his injured arm further out of the way and fisted his good hand into the back of Matt’s scrub shirt lifting it up in an attempt to feel skin under his fingers. The moment he made contact with Matt’s skin, he felt goose bumps erupt under his fingers, despite the fact that Matt’s skin felt like it was on fire. It a trip to the ER was what it took to get this incredibly sexy man in his arms, then it was worth every ache he’d have to endure to be in this moment right now.

©2013 Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin

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