Interrogation Tactics Are Your Friend

Love this.

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Our guest Terri Osburn, author of Meant to Be,  has a wealth of questions to help you turn flat characters into characters that keep your readers turning pages.

Terri Osburn headshot Imageby Terri Osburn

I’ve been judging a lot of contest entries lately, which led me to the topic for this blog. After reading the entire entry, I had to basically point out the good and the bad in each one. After several entries, I realized almost all of my feedback went back to the characters.

Because the characters make the story.

Every writer has to start somewhere when developing their characters. Maybe you want to create a story about the jock and the bookworm. No problem. It’s a popular trope. (Think Duke and the Wallflower or Vampire and the new girl.) But you can’t stop with these simple descriptors. These characters have to be unique individuals, not cardboard cut outs…

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