Mile High Service

Mile High Service

Mile High Service

Genre: Erotic Romance, M/M

Length: Short Story, prequel to Room Service & Lip Service

Original Release Date: July 15, 2014

Re-Release Date: December 16, 2017

Publisher: Bridge City Books


In this prequel to Room Service and Lip Service, Dr. Seth Coleman is bored and restless while he waits for his flight to leave. While waiting, he muses on how he met his husband Carson Randall.

Seth Coleman is a talented surgeon who has the career he’s worked toward his whole life but is still missing something. As he’s standing in an airport store contemplating buying a tie, he meets a handsome stranger, Carson Randall. After sparks fly, they both realize they want the same thing. They want more than just a passing meeting in an airport; they want a relationship.

I turned to face the wall of ties, staring at our reflections in the small mirror in the middle of the display. I cursed the color that had risen in my cheeks from the stranger’s attention. When I licked my lips nervously, his gaze landed on my mouth, and he echoed my gesture. I took a deep breath, hoping for some kind of Zen state to keep from reacting to his proximity. There was nothing more awkward than an erection at an inopportune moment.

He moved close as he reached around my body, fingers deftly flipping up the stiff collar of my shirt. The heat from his body warmed my back, and the scent of spicy aftershave and clean male flooded my senses. My eyes blinked closed as my overactive and underused imagination paged through possible scenarios that could involve us in the same position, and my blood heated. What I wouldn’t give to have him buried inside me as I braced my hands against the wall. How long had it been since I’d had this feeling?

I opened my eyes and tried to steady my breathing as I heard him move behind me. He removed the tie from the box, unrolling it slowly, and carefully draped it around my neck. His arms closed around me again as he quickly and efficiently tied a Windsor knot. The stranger’s warm breath tickled the hair at the back of my neck as he moved, sending gooseflesh prickling over my skin. He tugged the tie’s knot sharply and adjusted the fabric so it dimpled and hung just right. As his thumbs brushed against the muscles of my chest through the fabric of my shirt, I pushed back a sound that threatened to escape my dry throat. The touch had to have been completely innocent, but it still made blood rush south.

He flipped the collar of my shirt down and adjusted the stays back in place, his movements practiced and precise. As the stranger straightened the tie one last time, color rose in my cheeks. This close to this attractive man, I wondered if he could feel how he affected me as he studied my face in the small mirror.

“See, it’s perfect. Calm. In control. Commanding. Simple. Authoritative. Sexy.” The last word was a low purr in my ear as I swallowed hard and closed my eyes. Who knew tie shopping was a form of foreplay? “It looks good on you.” He lowered his voice, his murmur seemingly meant for only my ears. “But it’d look better off of you.”



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“After reading Room Service and Lip Service, I was dying to know how Carson and Seth met. In Mile High Service, I got my answer. Nikka Michaels never disappoints me. A lot of authors can write a smoking hot sex scene, but I think Nikka’s specialty is in the foreplay. Good Lord, I find myself more on edge than her characters and she does it with sensuously snarky dialog, and hot as hell situations. Seriously…who knew tie shopping could be so sexy? Nikka can keep writing hot little stories about these two men and you won’t hear me complaining one bit.” ~ Janet Ellinger on

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