Happy Birthday to Ms. Eileen Griffin


Writing can be a solitary process.

A lot of the time it’s just the writer with a computer in a room making the books happen.

But sometimes, you get lucky and you have the honor to work with your best friend. Technology has made it possible to be in Portland working on a book with Eileen while she’s two time zones away. Five co-authored books (!) and three years later I still marvel at the fact we get to do this together.

Writing doesn’t just produce books. It produces friendships that get you through the most difficult times and I’m so grateful to have someone as wonderful in my life as Eileen. She’s warm, funny and seriously has the best accent on the planet. She’s my favorite Texan, what can I say?

Please join me in wishing her all the cake and confetti on Twitter at @EileenGriffin77, Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/eileengriffinauthor or on her blog at http://eileengriffin.wordpress.com




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Ms. Eileen Griffin

  1. Thank you bb! My life became infinitely better the day you stepped into it ❤

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