LGBT Push Back Charity Giveaway

Lane Hayes

Blog BannerI am a proud parent of an LGBT son. If you’ve visited my blog in the past you may recall that I’ve shared the occasional story about his journey toward self acceptance and our family’s role as his avid supporters.  No, I’m not going to break out baby pictures or rehash old tales.  He’s a normal twenty-one year old young man living in a diverse city away from home struggling with the same things other college students do.  Budgeting issues are his number one problem at the moment.  The kid spends money faster than he gets it…drives me crazy!  But let’s stop here for a second because in my opinion this is where the divide begins.  My child is a well loved individual with many supporters.  That foundation of support allows him to navigate the everyday concerns of an average college kid and even the BS ones that come from…

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