If You Plant Your Heart, What Will Grow?

Love this insight from Kelly Jensen.

Kelly Jensen

My Thursday yoga class always begins with guided meditation. I find it difficult to let my thoughts roam. They tend to buzz around me like flies. Whatever I wrote that morning is usually dead centre in my brain. A character might be bouncing around in there, too, leaving an echo of unfulfilled emotion as they wait for me to write that scene. Crossing my legs hurts, and I am aware of it. My back is usually sore—which is why I’m sitting cross-legged on a Thursday morning.

More often than not, I am unable to shoo away these flies, these surface thoughts, and focus on the meditation. Though, the very act of trying might count. That’s an awareness of a sort, isn’t it?

Last week, we were asked:

If you plant your heart, what will grow?

Despite the fact my legs felt like hard, brittle pretzels, my thoughts immediately latched onto…

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