Go on a Scavenger Hunt with Night Owl Reviews

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2When Tammie King launched her website, Night Owl Reviews, in 200​4​, she ​was thrilled to get 10 pageviews a day. Now in March 2015, her site gets around ​5​00,000 ​pageviews a month. As Over this past decade, she has learned a lot, about herself as she has become a successful woman entrepreneur, about her website as she navigates to sustain a thriving book review site, and about authors as some have latched on to online opportunities while others get lost in the World Wide Web.

During her journey, Night Owl has worked with thousands of authors, producing over 22,000 online reviews. Today she is here at See Jane Publish to share five tips with authors about being smart with their resources.

1. Brand Your Author Name and Stay Consistent

Building a well known author name is really important to future sales for an author. Readers who find an author…

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