New from Elodie Parkes and Evernight Publishing: Rescuing Cade

Rescuing Cade by +Elodie Parkes
Published by Evernight Publishing
Genre: contemporary, erotic romance



Cade’s trying to get over a broken heart when his friend Jack takes him off to a nightclub, named only, The Club. Although at first Cade is shocked by the place he meets Marissa. It’s not long before he and Marissa get together, but under the pressure of expectations from, The Club, and Marissa’s fear of commitment,
they’re both running in opposite directions.

Gorgeous Cade has touched Marissa’s heart in ways she doesn’t want to admit. Lovely
Marissa has lifted Cade’s sadness and opened his heart to love again. The trouble is — someone has to give a little. Who’s it going to be?




The lights were low and Marissa took a seat at an
empty table close to the small group of people. Strategically placed, she took
in the delicious sight that was Cade, only a yard away now.
Blue eyes,
mmm, my favorite. Look at those lips, made for kissing, biting, sucking.
She cast her eyes over his ass and thighs. She soaked up the sight of his
handsome jaw line and her eyes flicked to his groin, where she assessed the
hang of his suit pants and licked her lips at the promise of a big cock. Holy hell, he’s gorgeous. I’d like him on a
collar and leash waiting for me to slap his ass and fuck him senseless. I’d
like to slip a blindfold on him and run a feather over his cock to see it jerk
to life. I’d like to tie him to a chair, suck him almost to orgasm, and then
leave him to beg for release. Wonder if he’s dom or sub?
As Marissa considered Cade’s preference, he turned
and looked straight into her eyes.A huge stab of sexual excitement throbbed in her
pussy. With her clit buzzing, she leaned a little forward to smile at Cade.He looked away. Marissa saw him gaze around the room. She watched
as his shoulders slumped. The room was large and divided by obvious walkways.
A small dance floor held writhing couples, dangerously close to each other,
some half-naked. Doms occupied the tables with their Subs in various scenes,
all taking their pleasure without concern. Other Doms sat in the low leather
lounges watching. It was all much the same as usual. One Dom fucked his Sub
from behind, one hand fisted in her hair, and the other gripping her jaw
turning her face to kiss and bite her lips. A Sub straddled her Dom, her hands
held high above her head tied with a satin ribbon, as the Dom took his fill of
her breasts. “Don’t you come until I say you may … I want you
across the table. You’ll come on my fingers and then my cock. Do you
understand? I might have to punish you again.” The Sub’s whispered answer must have been to his
liking. He kissed her tenderly. Marissa looked away. Her pussy creamed and a sigh
of appreciation escaped her. Marissa loved sex. She liked to be in control,
although she’d scened with a Master, a friend, when she needed release. Her
role in The Club was as a Domme, but she was vanilla, the specialist in helping
newcomers. Everything she did, she designed to bring maximum pleasure to her
Sub whilst simultaneously taking it herself. She enjoyed the control she
wielded. It suited her to be the one with the power, and in her mind, the
choice to walk away. The Club had been open for more than a decade and
was considered one of the best in the country. Safety was their priority, that
and pleasure. To Marissa’s knowledge, no one left The Club after seeking a
niche there and never came back. Marissa found her gaze straying back to Cade. He stood awkwardly by the table where Jack
finger-fucked his current Sub. She laid back with her legs wide apart, her
dress up around her waist, and her wrists tied over her head with a blue satin
scarf. If she’d worn panties to visit The Club, there was no sign of them now. Marissa watched the Sub squirm, whimpering for
release. Jack shook his head. “Not yet, sweetheart, I’m
enjoying your lovely pussy. Your cream’s running down my palm. I’m going to
lick it up and then I’ll think about letting you come. Are you enjoying showing
my guest what a good girl you are?” The Sub murmured, her breath hitching as Jack bent
and thrust his tongue into her pussy.“Yes, sir, it’s exactly how I hoped it would be.” Marissa’s pussy drenched her panties. She licked
her lips. Cade lurched around and took a step toward her
table. He looked unseeing right into Marissa’s eyes, the
expression on his face a glaze of pure confusion, and then he passed by heading
to the bar in the corner. Marissa watched him take a sip of the iced water
he’d ordered, then she too got up and walked away from that part of The Club
where sex soaked the air with erotic perfume, and the sounds of orgasm played
havoc with her own desires.

Copyright Elodie Parkes, Evernight Publishing 2015

Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often
with a twist of mystery, paranormal, fantasy, or suspense. Her books are always
steamy. Her tag is, Cool stories: Hot love scenes.
lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and
writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural
countryside around her home.
has also released titles as an individual indie author.
Elodie online:
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