Release Day!

Reading this right now and LOVING ITTTTT!

Kelly Jensen


CHAOS STATION is available today! Quick moment of musing—how is it March already? Also, this book wasn’t even written this time last year. We were thinking about it. But now the series is launched and to say I’m excited doesn’t really cover it. We have five books planned, with a lot of story, action and romance, and writing them is proving to be quite the adventure.

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On Wednesday, Zander and Felix sit down with Ethan and Jamie from the In the Kitchen series (also from Carina Press) to chat about Life, the Universe and Nutella.

Coming on Friday, the villain from CHAOS STATION visit’s Angela Highland’s blog. (Link posted on Friday)

Christi Snow posted a fabulous review at Smitten with Reading this morning. She’d mentioned on Twitter and Goodreads now much she liked the book. In her review, she…

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