Chaos Station releases a week from today!

So excited to read the beginning of this series!

Kelly Jensen

Jenn and I cannot wait for everyone to meet our boys, Zander and Felix. In anticipation, we’re inviting you to visit our website,, for a sneak peek at Chapter One! While you’re there, sign up for our newsletter to receive advance notice of more excerpts, free-to-read stories and upcoming releases. We also have a page devoted to extras featuring portraits of the crew (just Zed and Felix so far, done by the talented Tami Santarossa) and the state of the galaxy. New features will be unlocked as we progress through the series.

Just in case you’ve missed my posts regarding Chaos Station, here’s what it’s all about:

CSCover500Chaos Station

Book one of Chaos Station

“You’re not real. Felix Ingesson is dead.”

The war with the alien stin is over, but Felix Ingesson has given up on seeing his lover, Zander Anatolius, ever again. Zander’s military file is sealed tighter than an airlock…

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