Mistletoe Ménage by Molly Ann Wishlade

Lea Bronsen


GENRE: Christmas Rubenesque Regency Romance

WORD COUNT: 21,260

PUBLISHER: Evernight Publishing

RELEASE DATE: 9th December 2014

unnamed (8)


It is 1816. Anne Blackburn is a voluptuous thirty-two year old widow. Due to her family inheritance and the fortune left to her by her husband, she is a wealthy woman, and she moves in the social circles of London’s upper class.

Anne has sworn never to marry again. However, she cannot help yearning to find out more about the pleasures of the flesh. Her deceased husband was more father than lover but she has felt passion once—before she married over six years ago.

Edward Moore loved Anne and proposed to her but when he left London to seek his father’s blessing, Anne was approached by Lord Moore’s lawyer who told her to forget Edward. If she refused, Edward would be disinherited. When Alfred Blackburn asked for her hand in marriage, Ann…

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