Five Things You Didn’t Know About A Chris-mas Miracle by Nikka Michaels

Literary Lagniappe

My latest story from Evernight Publishing’s Romance On the Go line, A Chris-mas Miracle, is out now!

I’m a total sucker for holiday tales and Christmas stories in particular. The holidays can be a time of the year when people think most about their family and miss home. Drew is an American exchange student studying in Newcastle, Australia, thousands of miles away from his home. Chris is his co-worker, best friend and confidant. From experience, we all know being away from your family during this time of the year can be lonely. Even though Drew is far from home, Chris makes sure he’s not alone during this Christmas.

Today I thought I’d share a few things you might not know about Drew and Chris’ story:

  1. Newcastle, New South Wales is a real city. With beautiful surf beaches, it’s a college town but full of awesome people, tasty beer and busy…

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