Review: In the Fire by Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin

Kelly Jensen

In the Fire (In the Kitchen #2)Holy angst, Batman! I read In the Fire in one sitting because I had to. I needed to know, from the second chapter forward, whether Ethan and Jamie were going to work it out—and if they didn’t, I was going to book the first flight to Seattle, or maybe New York, and start banging heads together. Never mind that these characters are fictional.

It’s been eight years since Jamie left for Paris and, apparently, it’s been about that long since the boys have seen each other. While I absorbed that little nugget with all due sadness, I can’t honestly say I was surprised. They were so young and both so hungry for success. The need for a “happy ever after” aside, I think they made the right decision in choosing their careers. Eight years later, the divide between them is wider than a coast to coast commute, however. And despite…

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