Review: In the Raw

Kelly Jensen

In the RawIn the Raw by Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin

Strip away the clothes (yes, please!) and the attitude, and culinary school students Ethan and Jamie aren’t as different as they appear. Used to fending for himself and his sister, tough-boy Ethan wears his piercings, tattoos and spikey hair like armour, which isn’t unusual for a twenty-two year old. Jamie cycles through his uniform of pressed button-downs and khakis, thoughtful gifts and acceptable gestures because that’s how he was raised. Deep down, however, these boys—okay, they think they’re men, but to me they’re boys and so gosh-darned cute—basically want the same thing: to succeed in a field they are passionate about. They want to be chefs.

After covertly ogling one another for nearly three years, they’re finally partnered in baking class. Jamie has a handle on the more structured cooking. Ethan most definitely doesn’t. The two bounce and collide, the sexual…

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