My 5 Stages of Rejection: Or Why the hell did I think I could ever write? by Nikka Michaels


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Dearest and Most Constant Readers– Please welcome July’s guest, NIKKA MICHAELS!!! *Muppet flail*

1) Denial:

How can they not love The Book I slaved over for years, lovingly crafting,
revising, and editing? It’s my book baby. How could anyone not like it?

2) Anger Management:

This is total bs. I’ve read worse piles of donkey dung masquerading as books that hit the bestseller list.

3) Bargaining:

“If I’d just edited one more time the agent would have loved my book.”
“If I’d gone to one more conference, passed out one more business cards, entered more contests….”
“If I had a magical pet unicorn who blessed my MS I’d give up chocolate.”
Okay, that last one not so much.

4) Depression:

I’m putting on my eating pants and eating a giant jar of Nutella. You can pry this spoon out of my cold dead hand.
Rejections sucks. I want to cry…

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