A little from the WIP, AKA Just Business

Woot! Can’t wait to read this! 🙂

Anna Zabo

Last week, I turned in the final proof of TAKEOVER. In a little over two months…it’ll be released! *bites nails* To keep myself busy, I’ve been working on the next book, JUST BUSINESS. It’s somewhat of a sequel to TAKEOVER, in that the MCs of that book appear in this one, but the focus is on an entirely different couple: Eli and Justin.

Here’s a glimpse of the two from early in the book. (Note that this *is* a draft. No guarantee that this will even end up in the final book. And if it does, it’ll be, you know, edited.)

A week and a half after Eli had handed Justin his offer letter, he let Justin back into the office. Justin held a backpack and a bike helmet. The eyeliner was back, highlighting those intense blue eyes. Black jeans, dark blue t-shirt with mottled black accents. A toned-down version…

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