Release Day, A Special Delivery Quiz, Blog & FB Takeovers, Blogger Newsletters & Stuff Like That

The Amazon Iowan

If you have read my newsletter that just went out, you know a lot of this already. Or rather, all of it. A small summary of what you deleted without reading, skimmed, or just experienced.

  • Tough Love is out. Several of you stayed up late to download and read. I send you virtual coffee.
  • I’m taking over Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews blog and Facebook Wednesday. There will be a quiz. That quiz will tell you what SD character you are. Be there or be sadpants.
  • There’s a newsletter just for bloggers. I keep saying that because I think somehow you all keep signing up for the regular newsletter instead, which is awesome, but this is the one you want, guys. Seriously.
  • There will be Tough Love buddy reads, character Q&As, and the usual on my forum. Email and my sexy husband Dan will get you a login or…

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