New from Lillian McKinnon: Kismet, a free LGTBQ Serial read

Looking for something new to read in YA LGTBQ? What better than a free ongoing serial read? Check out Kismet here.


Today’s guest post is by Lillian McKinnon.

Kismet is a contemporary fantasy set in a world much like our own. But behind that world co-exists a world of magic that exists in the minds of humanity as myth. When creating a world of any sort though, the first step is to know what you plan to do in that world. Even a world filled with magic has to have rules in order to be logical.

In my world, I have blended together Greek, European and Japanese folklore so had to establish a set of rules that was familiar to both and create a few more to bridge the gap so that as events unfold, they seem real within the stated confines of the created reality. I took the idea of how fairies and goblins use trees and rings to travel and made it so that trees became a route to not only travel from one to another, but certain types of sacred trees became way points between one realm and the next. Jason is a dryad, so it made sense to me to have him able to not only be able to speak to the sentient sacred trees, but to travel via them as if they were a set of roads.

My goblin, Romney, cannot travel via tree. He is bound to to the human world, only able to enter and exit via special rings of toadstools , but not from one ring to another within the human realm. He is either in the human realm or out of it. Hence, he travels using man’s machines, always on the hunt for another vestige of magic he can steal from another. He is on the hunt for one particular tree, however, as it not only ancient, but he’s heard rumour that its guardian spirits are all dead.

He means to find this tree and then use the young fox, Cody, he’s captured to see if he figure a way to harness its power. He figures that if he has a fox minion enter the empty fox realm on the other side while he himself is on the other, then he may be able to figure a way to bind it to himself or manipulate it in some way using Cody and his latent powers as a fox.

If logical rules were not in place, the actions of characters could become chaotically random. I have tried to maintain logical order, so that when a character says or does something, whether mundane or magical, it doesn’t jolt the reader out of the story. So, just as the plot must advance within a logical framework and characters’ actions and feelings must match their personality, the world they live in must obey certain physical laws. I find it helpful to know what the plot is going to be and what the characters will say or do in general so that I can imagine how the world around them must work to allow those things to come to pass.

Sometimes while figuring out the niggly bits, I find it helpful to sit and play on the Sims. There, I can create people who resemble my ideals rather closely, and have a play. It relaxes me while allowing me to stay somewhat connected to my guys so that in the back of my brain, it all begins to come together. That’s when I know I’m ready to sit down and actually start to write. Well, once I’ve had enough time playing on the Sims, anyway.


World building playlist

When I’m creating a new fictional universe, I get a whole different vibe inside, so I have a different playlist that usual. I’m almost 13, so yeah, my headphones are almost ALWAYS on, and I have a playlist for almost everything!

1.Star Wars main theme- Star Wars soundtrack, episode IV

2.Dies Irae- Star Wars soundtrack, Episode IV

3.Vampire Knight main theme- Vampire Knight OST

4.Vampire Knight Kaname Clan’s main theme- Vampire Knight OST

5.The Planets, OP. 32- Gustav Holt

6.Sleeping Beauty- Tchaikovsky

7.Swan Lake- Tchaikovsky

8.Game of Thrones Main Title- Game of Thrones OST

9.North of the Wall- Game of Thrones OST

10.Throne Room and End Title- Star Wars OST, ep. IV


Kismet is a free read, so rather than have the usual buy links up, below you’ll find two fund raiser links. One is for a homeless youth charity called Lost-N-Found Youth. Not every kid is lucky enough enough to have the support of a loving family, and LGBT youth are much more likely to face abuse and being kicked out on the streets. Lost-N- Found not only help youth out by providing shelter for as many as they can, but help youth get back into education and into society as contributing members. They also provide legal assistance where necessary, food, clothes, and so much more.

The other link is for a couple who are writers in the LGBT romance genre. Following emergency brain surgery, TJ and Eric have been traveling a long, hard and expensive road. Things are beginning to look up, with Eric soon to come home to TJ and their new home. They could still use the help and continued support of caring people though. I ask that those of you following the blog tour please consider contributing an amount to at least one of these causes, no matter how small or insignificant you feel that donation would be.

Pennies all add up into dollars, after all.

Thank you,

Lillian McKinnon

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