Welcome Doris O’Connor! Interview and Spotlight: Through the Dom’s Lens


Hello friends! Today erotic romance writer, Doris O’Connor, is back for a visit! She has not only brought her newest with her, Through the Dom’s Lens, but also happily agreed to answer a few questions for us. Thank you,Doris, and enjoy, Everyone!

Doris O'ConnorCarlene: What do you love about the opening scene of your book?

Doris:It shows the relationship between Sally and her sister, and sets up the story. And it’s simply put what jumped into my head one morning when I woke up with the idea. Still makes me smile. 🙂

Carlene:What is one awesome thing about where you’re at in life right now?

Doris: Living my dream of writing, and my awesome super supportive hubby/Sir.

Carlene:My favorite part of a book is what the characters say to each other. What is your favorite exchange of dialogue in your book and why do you love it?


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