A Writer’s Bane: aka Marketing by Gina Fluharty

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It’s March. And I have no idea how we came up with this topic for this month. Was it whimsy? It’s March and here are you marching orders: Go Market! Did ‘Favorite Sex Position To Write About’ shout out ‘Heads’ only to be topped by ‘Tails’? Or was there a secret spy among us whispering beguiling soft words that wormed into our ears, wrapped themselves around our brainstems thereby convincing us to engage in a mental stretch of possibility ala Chekov? KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!

No matter how we got here, I’m very pleased to talk about this topic. Not only have I done something for myself as an author that I am very proud of: http://www.ginafluharty.com/ but I’m here to give a shout out to one of my favorite authors http://delilahpaints.blogspot.com/p/books.html as well.

Here’s what I love about Delilah—she talks to me on Twitter. She writes lush tales set in an alternate…

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