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This is a stop on a blog hop with several authors discussing their writing processes. I’ve been tagged by the lovely and talented SJ Maylee and I’ve tagged three authors to follow my post in the hop. There are more authors to visit at SJ’s post and you can continue hopping from there or here. What is this hop all about? It’s about authors offering others a glimpse into their work, their work schedules, and perhaps their innermost thoughts. Come take a hop on the wild side!

Before I get to the questions, I have to make sure you know about SJ. She’s funny and so sweet. Her works from Evernight Publishing never fail to give you a dose of heat with your romance. Please to be meeting her.



Check out SJ and her Writing Process post which can be found here.

Question time:

Q. What am I working on?

I’m working on editing the second book in a M/M foodie romance series, co-written with Eileen Griffin called In the Weeds. It and it’s predecessor, In the Raw are forthcoming from Carina Press in Summer and Fall of 2014

Q. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I like humor with my heat and angsty goodness, so I try to inject it into all the stories I work on, both solo and co-written.

Q. Why do I write what I do?

I believe everyone deserves a love story but I choose to focus mainly on M/M romances because I think there’s nothing hotter than two men falling for each other.

Q. How does your writing process work?

Like many writers, I have to fit in writing time any time I can, in between caring for my family and home.

Usually the process starts with me bouncing off ideas with my co -writer who lets me ramble at her endlessly. Then I sit down and write whatever comes to my brain. I’m usually a pantser but after working with In the Weeds with Eileen we finally did a detailed outline and it helped out tremendously! Between different schedules and multiple time zones it made trying to nail down a story so much easier.

After I finish, I usually do a few read throughs then send it off to my beta readers who tell me what needs to change, what doesn’t make sense and what makes them scratch their heads. After I’ve revised and edited, I submit.

I’m notorious for pushing deadlines and making stories WAY more complicated then they usually start though. My poor co-writer. 😦

Q. Who will we meet next?

I’m passing the question baton to three fellow writers.

Robin Badillo is a double threat. She writes M/F under Robin and M/M under her pen name of Tyler Robbins and is the author of The Becoming in Evernight Publishing’s Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition, Killian’s Claim. You can find her post here.

My lovely co-author of Chasing Matt and the forthcoming In the Raw and In the Weeds, Eileen Griffin is also a double threat who has written M/F but prefers to write M/M romance.  You can find her story, Claiming Ayden in Evernight Publishing’s Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition. You can find her post here.

Lea Bronsen, author of My Biggest Fan, Wild Hearted shares her post here.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my writing process and be sure to check out Robin, Eileen, Lea and SJ.

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