Ashley and Amber from Alabama would like what you would. To be married. Lets help them out!

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I’m doing a special post today for two friends that God has given to me. Please take a moment to help them achieve their goals. All you have to do is Vote ! Easy stuff there…(Amber is also known as Seth, my co-writer for the upcoming fourth Lethal Obsession story: Just Breathe )

Our Story

We met online 8 years ago. I was, as we say, ‘Rapunzeled’ in my house, and Amber lived a fast and wild life. I call her my Flynn Rider. After a year she flew from AL to sweep me out of my tower for my prom in SLC. From that first goodbye we knew we had to be together no matter what. Her father had dementia and Alzheimer’s, so as his power of attorney she was unable to leave. I moved from SLC to to be with her at 17 but I had no idea…

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