Swag for the Romance Author, Part 1: Author Swag

Love this info on swag.

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We all love presents.  Who doesn’t love to get something for free?  How many of you go to Sam’s Club or Costco at just the right time to get those food samples?

Swag does the same thing for romance authors—gives you a taste of the product (book) or a memento of the author so when you see the name of the author or the book, you remember that freebie and maybe take a chance on the book.


Swag comes in two varieties:  Author Swag and Book Swag.  They do the same thing, promote you the author and your books, but are a little bit different in purpose.

Author Swag is designed to get the name of the author before the public.  Usually the name and a logo or brand that you want the reader to associate with you and your work.  Later this spring I’ll be getting pens with my…

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