Who Can Deny An Alpha’s Claim?

Author Morgan King

Lose yourself in these ten sinfully delicious love stories. After all, who could deny an Alpha’s claim?

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The shifters in our Alpha’s Claim anthologies have one thing in common—they won’t take “no” for an answer. Whether they lead packs of their own, or whether they walk a solitary path, these alphas won’t let anyone stop them from claiming what’s theirs.

Take a peak each day to find out more about a story in one of the anthologies.

Out in the Cold, by Lucy Felthouse

Thanks so much to Morgan for having me here today to share a little bit of information on my story, Out in the Cold, which appears in the Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition anthology.

When I write stories for anthologies, I’m always aware of making sure I do something different, something outside of the box so, hopefully, it’s more…

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