Weekend Writing Warriors – Don’t Lie to Me

S.J. Maylee

Welcome friends old and new. I’m glad you came. Today, I’m sharing from my second release, UNTANGLE ME.

Ivy is a young event planner and she’s completely smitten with her newest client, the ultra successful businessman, Seth. However, Seth is not the type of guy Ivy wants in her life. LAST WEEK: Ivy might have been outed as a submissive through an overseen text, but Seth shouldn’t have any idea what that is, right? THIS WEEK: I’ve skipped nothing.

“Are you in training?”


“Don’t lie to me,” he warned. “If you belong to the club next door, I can walk over and find out easily enough, or I could just give the owner a call.” He pulled out his own phone.

“No,” she yelped, landing across his lap to get at his phone.

“Well, this is an interesting turn of events.”

She pulled away and he reluctantly…

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