Nikka Michaels Is Here To Tell You Five Things You Should Know About Waking Up Wolf

I’m on the Novel Approach today. Stop by and check it out. You can enter to win an ebook copy of Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition.

The Novel Approach


Thanks so much to Lisa at The Novel Approach for giving me a chance to share five things about the wolf shifters in my newest release, Waking Up Wolf in Evernight Publishing’s M/M Shifter Anthology, Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition. Big gropey loves for The Novel Approach for letting me hang out with them today. It’s an honor.

Waking Up Wolf is a short paranormal erotic romance where two men find each other in a post- apocalyptic world. When a radioactive leak in the local water source turns the inhabitants of Adam Baker’s small town into shape shifting wolves, he manages to hold and survive alone–except for the wolves he hears in the distance. When he doesn’t immediately undergo “the change” into a wolf himself, he begins to believe he’s immune. After his dreams begin to include another wolf, he finds himself drawn to the howls outside his window…

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