Book recs: Catch a Ghost and Long Time Gone by SE Jakes @authorsejakes

So my lovely co-writer Eileen Griffin rec’d me Catch a Ghost and Long Time Gone by SE Jakes.

Cue butterflies and hearts and rainbows and shit, cause I’m in love.

I’m in love. Seriously. Prophet and Tom are just all kinds of snarly alpha male with just the right mix of schmexy, vulnerability, and humor thrown in.  P and T both work for Extreme Escapes, which is code for mercs. So you knnnnoow there’s gonna be action, fighting and humor thrown in with the missions they go on. Even with all the detailed plot, SE Jakes never fails to keep you caring about the heros and I love how she interweaves in secondary characters as well.

You can find both Catch a Ghost and Long Time Gone from Riptide Publishing.


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