Tristan Pryce Sees Dead People. Rhys Ford Writes Dead People. “Fish and Ghosts” Has Dead People In It, And There’s A Contest!

Can’t wait to read this!

The Novel Approach

Once a long time ago *coffs* — a few years ago— I got an email from a reader, well, a reviewer, really. She was sweet and made ridiculous noises about how much she loved Dirty Kiss and how it—I don’t know what else. My brain was busy going off like a Jiffy Pop shipment that’d fallen into a volcano. Who the hell would think that about what I’ve written?

I responded—kind of overwhelmed and rather more than a bit touched; in the heart as well in the head—and well, we’ve not stopped emailing ever since. Lisa—blogger extraordinaire—probably some days regrets emailing that first time because her day is full of neurotic messes and my loathing of what I’m writing but God, I wouldn’t change a thing. We’ve met, laughed, eaten together, snored, falling asleep on one another and had champagne.

On the surface, Lisa and I have very different lives…

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