The Book that Change my life with Eileen Griffin

My co writer is visiting Morgan King today. 🙂 Stop by and take a look.

Author Morgan King

book_of_imagination_by_vanilladragon666-d30tcqmSo in perfect timing for the festive holidays  I have Eileen vising to tell us all about the book that has changed her life:

Thank you Morgan for hosting me on your blog today.

You’re very welcome…

I grew up in a house full of books with a dad who worked in the publishing industry. To ask for a single book that changed my life or was the most impactful is a difficult thing for me to do since I have so many titles that I love and cherish as “favorites”. However, one book that I instantly loved and go back to re-read because I absolutely resonate with its message is Seventeen Ways to Eat a Mango by Joshua Kadison. The book is written in journal format and is about a young botanist who is sent to a remote tropical island because his company wants to exploit it in order…

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