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Guest post by Heidi Cullinan

The Lighter Side of Story

 In a previous post in this tour, I talked about how I wrote Let It Snow as a break from Love Lessons, a story which really ran me through the ringer. Let It Snow came out quickly, easily, like a joy. Its sister novel, Sleigh Ride, feature’s Arthur’s story, and it’s doing the same thing with Love Lesson’s sequel. After a day of wrestling with my emo college boys, it’s a joy to see what happens when my librarian and lumberjack spar again.

I’m telling you, I might do this from here on out: keep a lighter, shorter story going at the same time as a thicker, meatier one. Damon Suede calls these lighter stories potato chips—they’re tropes, more about the lightness and the simple idea than shining a light on complicated characterization.

Light stories are great, both to write and to read. More than once I’ve read a book review which called a story simple and I ran out and got it just because. Carol Lynne tells stories about how she wanted to write books readers could enjoy “while vacuuming,” something that doesn’t take so much focus. I don’t think there’s any story I would do that to—I too much love sinking into my chair and will use any excuse I can.

But the idea of story that reads like a sigh? That’s good stuff, especially if it can write like that too. Maybe they’re funny, maybe they’re sweet, but at their base, they’re simple, uncomplicated. Sign me up.

I feel like I’m still learning how to write a simple story. I love a little too much a rich complicated underlayment—I think I’ll always have some of that in anything I write, no matter how hard I try to keep things light. I still can’t quite do comedy. Maybe I have funny moments, but I don’t know that people will ever talk about my writing as “fun, light romps.”

I’ll sure keep trying, though, because those are the kinds of stories I love to read.  I don’t know that writing them will work out to be quite the same kind of fun—but I can sure dream they might be, and keep trying to live out my own fantasy.

I hope you enjoy Let It Snow. No, it’s not super complicated. It’s simple, sweet, and maybe a little funny at times. It made me feel warm and easy to write it—I hope it gives you some of that too.


The weather outside is frightful, but this Minnesota northwoods cabin is getting pretty hot.

Stylist Frankie Blackburn never meant to get lost in Logan, Minnesota, but his malfunctioning GPS felt otherwise, and a record-breaking snowfall ensures he won’t be heading back to Minneapolis anytime soon. Being rescued by three sexy lumberjacks is fine as a fantasy, but in reality the biggest of the bears is awfully cranky and seems ready to gobble Frankie right up.

Marcus Gardner wasn’t always a lumberjack—once a high-powered Minneapolis lawyer, he’s come home to Logan to lick his wounds, not play with a sassy city twink who might as well have stepped directly out of his past. But as the northwinds blow and guards come down, Frankie and Marcus find they have a lot more in common than they don’t. Could the man who won’t live in the country and the man who won’t go back to the city truly find a home together? Because the longer it snows, the deeper they fall in love, and all they want for Christmas is each other.

Warning: Contains power outages, excessive snowfall, and incredibly sexy bears.

My Rec:

Let it Snow is like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold snowy day. You want to curl up under a blanket while reading it and just enjoy the heat of Frankie and Marcus getting to know each other. I loved the relationships Frankie forges with the people in Logan and how big his heart is. I pulled for Marcus to finally see that what he really wants isn’t what he expected. Grab a blanket, a cup of cocoa and someone to snuggle with while you read Let it Snow and let the feels fly.

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Heidi Cullinan has always loved a good love story, provided it has a happy ending. She enjoys writing across many genres but loves above all to write happy, romantic endings for LGBT characters because there just aren’t enough of those stories out there. When Heidi isn’t writing, she enjoys cooking, reading, knitting, listening to music, and watching television with her husband and ten-year-old daughter. Heidi also volunteers frequently for her state’s LGBT rights group, One Iowa, and is proud to be from the first midwestern state to legalize same-sex marriage. Find out more about Heidi, including her social networks, at

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