Book Recs: Chase in Shadow by @amymaclane & Shock & Awe by @abigailroux

It’s been a while since I’ve flailed over books and I know I’m a little late to the partay with these two titles…but come on. They’re so readable and flailworthy. If you’re into m/m stories that are more than just fluff and wham bam thank you, Mister these two are for you.

Chase in Shadow by Amy Lane


Everyone’s read gay for pay and gay for you, but Amy Lane takes the Johnnie’s world of gay porn into a different realm. Her porn stars don’t just fuck for money, they’re funny, broken and real. Chase’s story as he discovers this world where he can be himself was frustrating, sexy, funny as hell sometimes and made me snot sob. I don’t wan to give the plot away but if you’re a total angstwhore like myself you should check it out and the other two book in the Johnnie’s series, Dex in Blue and Ethan in Gold. Chase in Shadow is from Dreamspinner Press and you can find it here:

Next up is Shock and Awe by Abigail Roux


If you’re a reader in the m/m genre you’re probably no stranger to Abi Roux’s Cut and Run Series featuring FBI agents, Ty and Zane. This book is about Nick and Kelly, Ty’s fellow force recon members from Team Sidewinder and at novella length leaves you wanting more. More Kels, More Nick, more Cut and Run universe. Sweet, sexy, and angsty and dirty at times it’ll keep you turning the pages as your e-reader slowly starts to emit smoke from the hotness. You can find Shock and Awe from Riptide Publishing here:

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