Winner of the Giveaway of a copy of Chasing Matt

The winner of my giveaway of a copy of Chasing Matt is Angela Fitzgerald @angie1977t.

Thanks for entering and celebrating @evernightpub’s 3rd birthday with us, Angela.


One thought on “Winner of the Giveaway of a copy of Chasing Matt

  1. I’m not sure I wish I could get it in the format for text to speech. I know it will have to be PDF but not mobi PDF. I don’t have a computer to transfer files to Kindle. The computer is broke. I can read it though, I usually listen to Audible and use text to speech. When I get it read I will leave reviews. Thank you all. Cross your fingers because I am desperate to win the grand prize. The unemployment will go to pay bills and I hope it will do that. My daughter writes poetry and I want to get back to my writing instead of writing stories on paper. My son could play games on what my daughter wants. All she wants is a used laptop. I found her one at Amazon. It’s a Dell, 14 inch screen, 90 day warranty, but it’s because it’s refurbished. Amazon has it for $99. I have a $25 GC from Jenika Snow so I need $75. If I won the giveaway I could get it. They could share it along with the other electronics that go with the giveaway. Time will tell but I don’t have a good feeling. I noticed the Rafflecopter didn’t show my entries. On Jenika Snow’s site I could see how many times I posted on her site. . Ohh well, time will tell. Thank you,


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