Where Are All The Asians?

::waves hand:: What? You asked. Half filipina, half whitebread. All smutty snark. 🙂 I do agree though. There needs to be more diversity in books today.

Lady Smut

Asian six packAlong with my fellow Lady Smut bloggers, I’m thrilled that the talented writer Alexa Day will soon be joining our regular weekly line-up. Not only does Alexa bring a new voice to our blog, but she also brings something else – diversity to her books through her interracial romances.

Diversity in romance novels has been expanding over recent years. Alexa and other writers are putting African-American/Caucasion relationships on the map, and gay and lesbian romances have found places as well. Once in awhile I’ll see a romance involving a Latino or Latina character, and back in the day I remember a steady release of Cassie Edwards’ romances which always included a Native American hero (or sometimes heroine). So with this welcome influx of heroes and heroines beyond the heterosexual WASP and Western European demographic, I ask myself: where the hell are all the Asians?

China and India alone account for…

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