What I’m Reading: The Hardest Thing by James Lear & Book Give-Away

I’m always happy to spread the word about a fellow m/m author when I get the chance.

James Lear is the pen name of the prolific and acclaimed author of The Back Passage, The Secret Tunnel, Hot Valley, The Low Road, and The Palace of Varieties.  His books have been on gay erotica bestseller lists in both the UK & the US.

His latest book, entitled The Hardest Thing was released in May of this year.


Dan Stagg is an ex-marine who lost his successful career because of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. He finds civilian life a hard adjustment and is prone to violence. Without any ties to family, he tries to lay low.

Unemployed and broke, when Dan is offered a ton of cash for a protection job for the young attractive companion of a powerful real estate developer he can’t say no. Dan quickly realizes that something is off, and is forced to choose between the easy money and sex.

Dan finds himself playing a dangerous game which will take all his skill to survive. THE HARDEST THING is a gay mystery as only James Lear can do: full of action, sex and violence.

Excerpt from The Hardest Thing:

Twenty-two, twenty-three years old. Six feet tall, 180 pounds, buzz-cut blond hair, broken nose, wearing jeans that were already ripped when he bought them, a tacky leather jacket and—wouldn’t you know it?—a Ramones T-shirt. He was the alpha male in his little dog pack, and he was getting pissed off. His girlfriend was snapping her gum and sulking; she didn’t like waiting on the street and thought a real man would whisper in the doorman’s ear and sail right on through. So Blondie could either start something, or lose face.

He started something.

“Hey, let us in, man.”

“No can do.”

“Just fucking let us in.”

I said nothing, looked him in the eye. Under different circumstances, I would be very happy to push the little punk to his knees and bury that pretty face in my polyester crotch; the thought was a nice one, and I must have smiled.

“What’s so fucking funny, asshole?”

He was a couple of inches taller than me, but I moved my arm a little and let him see the muscle. Come on, cutie, back down, I thought. Let’s play nicely.

You can find The Hardest Thing at Cleis Press. Big thanks to Elizabeth Redeker at Cleis Press for coordinating.

To celebrate the release of his book, I’ll be doing three Give-Aways for paper copies of The Hardest Thing starting Thursday, August 1 via my twitter account @nikkamichaels.

Keep your eyes peeled.


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