The Firth, Mr. Darcy, and Me

Phoaw, Mr. Darcy!

Lady Smut

By Liz Everly

So last week, I responded to our own Madeline Iva’s post about Collin Farrell. I said in the world of Colins, I prefer the Firth. And yes I do. (But I adore Mr. Farrell, as well.) But after thinking it over, the reason I love the Firth so much is because of one character he played. That would be Mr. Darcy.


It’s interesting how the mind works. As I was connecting my thoughts form one Colin to the next, then to Mr. Darcy, I immediately thought of Gray McGhilly, who is the male lead in LIKE HONEY (the new title for what I was calling MASTER BEEKEEPER). Turns out, I’d been thinking a bit of Firth when I wrote Gray. Even though Gray’s personality is really nothing like Darcy’s on the face of things, he, um, kind of looks like him. And Gray’s tough-guy resolve melts away…

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