Nikka’s Weekend Wrap Up for 07/07/2013

What I’m reading:

Safeword by @_AJRose


Such a hot M/M drama, romance…gah.  So many adjectives to describe this story.  The first book is Power Exchange, which is also smokin’ hot.  Rec’d to me by the uber sexy @InkAddict89.

My Rec’s for the week:

So sexy you’ll never look at your washing machine the same way again by the lovely @karenstivali.  Food, sexy times, romance?  What more do you want?  Check out all of Karen’s books at


Trying to describe The Mistress by @tiffanyreisz is like trying to describe both the heroine and the author herself: Crazy beautiful, uber sexy, unpredictable…lots of other flails.  The first 3 books in the series are The Siren, The Angel and The Prince.  Read them first!  Find her at

What I Love:

My lovely WM @melfin80 rec’d an awesome Flash Fiction contest hosted weekly by @RGraceAllen at

Mel herself has won (::big fistbumps::), and the writing prompts are always sexy.

What I’m Working On:

Editing and further revision of a sexy M/M romance with my verrah sexy co writer @eileengriffin77.  You can find her at  A big smooshy gropey thanks to all of our beta readers for all their help.



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